Connexica Ltd

connexica-logo Connexica’s mission is to turn smart data discovery into actionable information for everyone. The research will gain valuable knowledge and IPR in machine learning and data mining to enhance and extend their existing product lines, especially catering for future large scale smart energy and smart city applications.

This project aims to disseminate and analyse information from real time data from the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND). The project will examine algorithms and techniques in mathematics, machine learning and computing to summarise the information into useful insights. These insights will help the consumption and production of resources within SEND. The output from this will help the following:

Management of the network

  • Increase savings
  • Predict consumption and production resources
  • Identify faults in the network

The algorithms and techniques should include, but not be limited to:

  • Aggregation
  • Sampling
  • Stream analysis
  • Statistics methods
  • Modelling and forecasting