Company:      JDSE Ltd

Brief description of the project:

JDSE In'Vapour logo In order for hydrogen fuel cells to perform optimally, the fuel source must be free from (or as close to as defined in ISO 14687-2) harmful contaminants, such as H2S and ammonia. However, to measure the levels of these impurities, low and ultra-low concentration calibration gas standards must be manufactured and be kept stable. Unfortunately, over time the trace elements in the reference material are found to decay in the gas cylinders in which they are stored and transported in.

To rectify the problem, this project seeks to find methods to manufacture and passivate the internal surfaces of new types of gas cylinders to prevent the compounds reacting with and adsorbing to the interior of the vessels and valves in which they are contained. This technology could also be used elsewhere, primarily in the containment of samples of hydrogen fuel for accurate measurement of impurities after said standards have been used for calibration.

Student:      Luke Latham-Wheawall

Supervisor:   Dr Peter Matthews; Dr Richard Darton