Welcome to Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry at Keele

Starting university is both exciting and scary and therefore it is important to do some preparation prior to arrival. The most useful thing you can do for yourself is to sort out all the things you will need for your study. These pages are designed to help you prepare for the start of your degree course at Keele, but if there are any issues which are not addressed then please do not hesitate to Dr Edwards or Dr Hollamby by phone or by e-mail.

To ensure you obtain full details of your timetable and other course information, it is essential that you attend the sessions detailed in the "starting arrangements" section. These sessions are for All Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry students. All the times of these sessions will be sent to you through the post before the start of term in your Chemistry Welcome letter and most of these sessions will take place in the Lennard-Jones Laboratories. You can download and print a Recru it networ colour campus guide to help you find your way around. The Lennard-Jones Laboratories is building 17, located in square E4.

Recru it networ Welcome Web contains more general information regarding pre-arrival, registration with the university, events and accommodation.

On behalf of all the Chemistry & Medicinal Chemistry staff, we look forward to meeting you at the start of the new academic year and hope that you will find your time at Keele both rewarding and enjoyable.

Best wishes

Summarised below are details of the core textbooks for 1st year Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry (note that parts of these textbooks will also be used beyond 1st year). Further details about the books can be found here

Short loan copies can be borrowed from the University library or from the chemistry library located in the teaching laboratory. However, we do advise you to purchase your own copies.  These textbooks are available as a bundle from Blackwells, the campus book store for a discount compared to buying the books individually. Details of how to order this bundle will be included with your chemistry welcome letter, or you may order them on arrival at Keele.

We have also included below a list of items you should bring with you as well as items you can collect upon arrival at Keele.

Elements of Physical Chemistry 7th edition

Atkins and de Paula

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-872787-3

organic chemistry  

Organic Chemistry 2nd edition

Clayden, Greeves, and Warren

Oxford University Press

ISBN: 978-0-19-927029-3

Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences 2nd Edition  
Study and Communication Skills for the Chemical Sciences 2nd Edition

Overton, Johnson, and Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Inorganic chemistry 7th Ed.

Inorganic Chemistry 7th Ed.

Weller, Overton, Rourke, Armstrong 

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Diary to note down times of classes, assignment deadlines and other important information

Scientific calculator capable of evaluating scientific and mathematical functions.

The University has an approved list of calculators that can be used in examinations. These are:

  • Aurora SC582 series Casio FX-83 series
  • Casio FX-85 series Casio FX-350 series
  • Sharp EL-531 series Texas Instruments TI30 series
  • The KeeleSU Shop will have a stock of the approved calculators available for purchase.

Click here for the University's policy on calculators

Any student who brings a non-approved calculator into an exam will have it removed by an exam invigilator and so we recommend that you use one of the approved calculators throughout your studies. This means that you are familiar with how it works in examinations.

Memory stick or similar device for storing electronic data with USB connection

Please note that slim-line versions of USB sticks are better, as some bulkier ones do not fit the accessible USB ports on some lab PC equipment.

Bottle of tap water from home for Practical 1. Don't drink it before you arrive!

Laboratory Pack You will have the opportunity to collect a laboratory equipment pack that includes a lab coat, a pair of safety glasses and a lab notebook. You will also be provided with print editions of all laboratory manuals required for your course.  This pack is provided free of charge.

These are the activities that happen in the first week.

Introductory lecture - it is essential that you attend this talk as it will contain important information about your timetable, lecture and lab locations, course information and other useful facts to help you settle in to your course. Details of your first classes and timetable will be provided and explained during this talk.

Navigating the KLE and labs - including finding your way on the KLE and collection of laboratory packs. You will be told where to attend and when on Monday.

Saturday Night Science - a fun show celebrating the lighter side of chemistry giving you top chemistry tips to help you out down the Students Union presented by our very own Dr. Graeme Jones - If you think the Youtube videos look like a laugh wait till you see it live!

Meet the cohort - including a fun group quiz and a chance to introduce yourself to the other chemists on your course.

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