Inspiring alumni

Throughout our long history, Keele alumni have gone on to achieve great things. Here we look back at some of the exciting stories and notable names that have emerged over the years.

We are proud to mention these few from among our many distinguished and notable alumni; descriptors may change over time:

  • John Abram (composer)
  • Jamie Aitchison (BAFTA-winning broadcaster)
  • Eliathamby Ambikairajah (engineer)
  • Maggie Atkinson (Children's Commissioner)
  • Paul Atterbury (writer, antiques expert)
  • Phil Avery (BBC meteorologist)
  • Yvette Baker (orienteer)
  • Neil Baldwin (clown and "personality")
  • William Bardo (maser research)
  • Tony Barrand (anthropologist and folk musician)
  • Emran bin Bahar (ambassador)
  • Stan Beckensall (prehistoric rock art)
  • Francis Beckett (writer, biographer, journalist)
  • Stephen Bend (professor, geologist)
  • Jo Beverley (novelist)
  • Carol Birch (author)
  • Jonty Bloom (journalist, broadcaster
  • Jack Bowman (entrepreneur)
  • Becci Bryant (Chief Fire Officer, Staffordshire)
  • Phillida Bunkle (New Zealand politician)
  • Mike Cattermole (racing commentator)
  • Peter Child (composer)
  • Alys Clare (novelist)
  • Paul Clark (politician)
  • Wayne Clarke (radio presenter)
  • Dominic Coles (BBC Director of Operations)
  • David Collett (Director VSO and CEO Wateraid)
  • Bob Cooling (Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff)
  • David Cooney (Irish ambassador to the UK)
  • Sean Corbett (CIA deputy director)
  • Peter Coulson (High Court judge)
  • Araminta Craig Hall (author)
  • Steve Cutts (UN Assistant Secretary-General)
  • Dame Sandra Dawson (organisational theorist, business and education)
  • Edward Derbyshire (geologist)
  • Keith Dobson (Director, British Council)
  • Jonathon Dollimore (sociologist; cultural and literary theorist)
  • Kenred Dorsett (politician, Bahamas)
  • John Duncan (diplomat)
  • David Edwards (the second person to win "Who wants to be a Millionaire?")
  • Tony Elliott (publisher, founder of Time Out)
  • Jack Emery (director, writer, producer)
  • Richard English (political historian)
  • Farahanaz Faizal (diplomat, Maldives)
  • Jem Finer (musician, songwriter, with The Pogues)
  • Janet Fitch (author)
  • David Forman (cancer research scientist)
  • Lord Don Foster of Bath (politician)
  • Zuklfikar Ghose (author)
  • Jonathan Gledhill (Bishop of Lichfield)
  • Andrew Glover (composer)
  • John Golding (politician)
  • Peter Gordon (documentary film-maker)
  • Sir Richard Gorrara (diplomat)
  • Charles Iain Hamilton (historian)
  • Jon Haylett (novelist)
  • David Heard (geologist)
  • David Hey (local historian)
  • Brian Hopkins (footballer Port Vale FC 1957-1958)
  • Steve Jackson (game designer)
  • Sir Jeffrey James (UK diplomat
  • John Idris Jones (author)
  • Mumtaz Kassam (ambassador, Uganda)
  • Liz Kessler (author)
  • Denise King (chief executive Girlguiding UK)
  • Claire Kober (politician)
  • Greg Lambert (writer, broadcaster, wrestling impressario)
  • Jon Lamonte (CEO Transport for Greater Manchester)
  • Marina Lewycka (author)
  • Bernard Lloyd (actor)
  • Manali Lukha (ITV/C4 meteorologist)
  • Ron Maddison (astronomer)
  • Datuk Seri Panglima Clarence Bongkos Malakun (politician, Malaysia)
  • Laurence Mann (political adviser)
  • Michael Mansfield (barrister)
  • Pradeep Mathur (educationalist)
  • Feisal al-Mazidi (Kuwait, politician)
  • Innes McCarthey (nautical archaeologist)
  • Andy McDermott (author)
  • Alun Michael (politician)
  • Terry Milewski (Canada, broadcaster and journalist)
  • Peter Mond, Lord Melchett (executive director, Greenpeace)
  • Ian Moncrieff (UK National Hydrographer)
  • Madeleine Moon (politician)
  • Peter Moore (business executive, CEO Liverpool FC)
  • Jim Moran (EU ambassador)
  • Marcus Mortimer (TV producer and director)
  • Richard Moseley-Williams (OXFAM, Internationalist)
  • Sir Richard Mottram (government service)
  • Bernard Myers (puzzle-book author)
  • Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah (Namibia, politician)
  • Roger Nightingale (computer analyst)
  • Sam Nolutshungu (political scientist)
  • Gerry Northam (BBC investigative journalist)
  • Hugh 'Hoblyn' Oliver (novelist, comic, jazz musician)
  • Marina Oliver (novelist)
  • Keith Ovenden (novelist)
  • Adrian Pang (actor)
  • Sir Nick Partridge (chief executive Terence Higgins Trust)
  • Priti Patel (politician)
  • David Pownall (playwright and author)
  • Ken Rattenbury (musician)
  • Ian Redmond (biologist, conservationist)
  • Ash Regan-Denham (Member of Scottish Parliament)
  • Davide Rossi (musician, composer)
  • Antti Sakari Saario (composer, lecturer)
  • Joe Sang (Kenya, ambassador)
  • Malcolm Shaw (legal scholar)
  • Clare Short (politician)
  • Beverley Skeggs (sociologist)
  • Gareth Snell (politician)
  • Margaret Spurr (educationalist)
  • Brian Stewart (ambassador)
  • Sir James Moray Stewart (government service)
  • Joan Stringer (political scientist)
  • John Sutton (General Secretary Secondary Heads Association)
  • Adelaide "Mama" Tambo (South Africa, anti-apartheid activist)
  • Chris Taylor (landscape archaeologist)
  • Ian Taylor (politician)
  • Lord John Taylor of Warwick (politician)
  • John Thompson (sociologist)
  • Sir John Vereker (UK diplomat)
  • Bryan Waites (historian/author)
  • Lynda Waltho (politician)
  • Peter Whelan (playwright)
  • Rosemary Whitfield-Jones (lawyer)
  • Andy Whittaker (business)
  • Dame Jo Williams (chief executive MENCAP)
  • Sir Chris Woodhead (chief inspector of schools)
  • Fiona Woolf  (President of the Law Society, Lord Mayor of the City of London)
  • Mark Worrall (football writer)
  • Hso Kan Pha "Tiger" Yanghwe (President-in-exile Shan States)
  • Paul Goa Zoumanighi (ambassador of Guinea to UK)

And a special mention for the 1968 University Challenge winning team: Paul Brownsey, Pam Maddison (Groves), Aubrey Lawrence and Andy MacMullen

Alumni stories

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