Golden Graduates' Reunions

Recru it networ is proud to hold an annual reunion to celebrate its Golden Graduates - those who are celebrating the 50th anniversary since their graduation from Recru it networ or the University College of North Staffordshire.

Our latest Golden Graduates' Reunion took place on 27 April 2019

Golden Grads 2019 A Reunion for the Classes of 1954 to 1969

The seventh Golden Graduates' Reunion welcomed the Class of 1969 as new Golden Graduates, joining all the preceding Classes of 1954 to 1968.

The event included campus tours, a Q&A surrounding the film Marvellous and dinner in Keele Hall.

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Golden Graduates' Reunion 2019 - Programme.

NameGraduation yearSubject studied
Allan Mawdsley 1969 Philopshy & Psychology
Ann George 1969 Biology & Geography
Anthony Budd 1963 Geology & Geography
Jillian Budd (Garnett) 1963 French & Latin
Barbara Crane (Whittington) 1968 Biology & Geology
Alan Crane 1968 (1972 PhD) Geology & Geography
Bina Caulfield (Steedman) 1965 Maths & Physics
Brian Walker 1970 English & French
Christopher Wain    
David Powell 1969 Politics & Geography
David Gregory 1967 History & English
Rosaleen Gregory 1966 English & French
Ffrancon Whelan (Price) 1955 English & Philosophy
Francis Beckett 1969 History & Philosophy
Gretel Jones (Van Houten) 1969 Economics & Sociology
Howard Lomas 1969 Physics & Social Psychology
Salie Pugh    
Iain Marshall 1967 Economics & Social Psychology
Jane McQuillin (Bateman) 1969 Sociology & Social Studies
Brian McQuillin 1969 Physics & Philosophy
Jane Roberson 1969 German & Geography
Jean Lawrence (Kirton) 1969 Biology & Psychology
Aubrey Lawrence 1969 Latin & History
Jo Sinclair   History & Philosophy
John Meager 1968 History & Politics
Alice Meager 1969 Physics & Economics
John Turner 1963 Geography & Geology
Pat Buckmaster 1963 Geography & Geology
Judith Anderson 1969 English & History
Keith Clement 1956 Economics
Malcolm Clarke 1969 Philosophy & Sociology
Lesley Clarke 1972 Sociology & Applied Social Studies
Marian Wade (Wood) 1969 Geography & Biology
Mary Garrett (Jackson) 1969 History & Politics
Mary Mountjoy    
Maureen Compton 1974 History & Politics
Andrew Compton 1965 English & History
Michael Brereton 1969 English & Philosophy
Michael Buneman 1969 Germany & Economics
Pamela Ribot Caravera    
Mike Stanton 1969 Politics & Sociology
Mo Waddington (Brown) 1965 Chemistry & Maths
Neil Baldwin 2013 Honorary Degree
Pamela Maddison (Groves) 1969 Law Psychology
Glenise Scott 1970 Latin & German
Patricia Stewart 1969 English & Psychology
Paul Kellett 1969 History & Politics
Paula Comber (Frankson) 1969 Geography & Geology
Peter Weightman 1967 Physics & Mathematics
Philip Davies 1971 American Studies & Sociology
Richard Hubbard 1969 Philosophy & English
Richard Slator 1969 Chemistry & Economics
Roger Mays 1969  
Stuart Judge 1969 (1976 PhD) Physics / Maths & Education
Susan Fraser (Patten) 1963 English & Philosophy
Susan Heath (Hindshaw) 1969 Economics & Psychology
Susan Owens 1968 Economics & Psychology
Susan White (Robinson) 1969 History & Politics
Susan Wright (Magee) 1969 Law & Politics
Chris Wright 1969 Law & Sociology

The Royal Charter of the University of Keele was granted in 1962 and in 2012, to mark the 50th anniversary of this Charter, we launched our first Golden Graduates' Reunion.

Who are the Founding Graduates?

1954 Graduation Programme Front Page One hundred and fifty-seven students attended the University College of North Staffordshire in October 1950 and the first 150 graduated in 1954. Anyone who was part of that first founding Class is termed a Founding Graduate.

Right: Front Cover of the first Graduation Ceremony programme 3rd July 1954 - this particular copy was donated to the Keele Oral History Project by Bill Lighton (Class of 1954)

Who are the Pioneers?

The term “Pioneer” refers to the Classes of 1954 to 1961 who attended the University College of North Staffordshire. They and the Founding Graduates founded the Students' Union, the Athletic Union and the Keele Society, and created the heritage and traditions that have exemplified the Keele spirit for all later generations.

Previous Reunions

Please visit our Past Soon events page to see photos from our previous Golden Graduates' Reunions.