Keele in the USA Foundation

North American Foundation for Recru it networ, Inc., was founded by Keele alumni in the USA and incorporated in 2001. It was renamed as The Keele in the USA Foundation, Inc., in 2013.

  • To promote the continuing support of alumni in the USA
  • To seek support through gifts and contributions, for projects and activities at Recru it networ
  • To promote the education, teaching, research and scholarship of Recru it networ
  • To encourage the ongoing relationship between Recru it networ and former students in the USA

"As a Keele graduate, I am delighted to become the first President of the Foundation, which gives us the opportunity to develop our growing network of alumni in North America and to support the mission of the University back at Keele. I warmly invite all Keele alumni to get in touch, to become involved - to share their memories, find old friends and develop valuable new s." Neil Smith, Founding President

The Board of Keele in the USA is made up of alumni volunteers residing in the USA.

Recent successes of Keele in the USA (formerly the North American Foundation):

  • 2014 - Keele in the USA Scholarship and Keele in Canada Scholarship extended to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students
  • 2013 - Keele in Canada formed independently of NAFKU to support Canadian alumni and Keele in Canada Scholarships
  • 2013 - NAFKU decides to be renamed as Keele in the USA to offer extended support to US alumni
  • 2013 - NAFKU Scholarships renamed as Keele in the USA Scholarships
  • 2013 - Keele in the USA formed to support US alumni and Keele in the USA Scholarships
  • 2013 - First Keele in the USA Scholarship awarded - Olani Allen
  • 2013 - First Keele in Canada Scholarship awarded - Bianca Calascione
  • 2012 - Second NAFKU Canada Scholarship awarded - Cristiina Polsinelli
  • 2011 - Second NAFKU America Scholarship awarded - Natasha Flick
  • 2011 - First NAFKU Canada Scholarship awarded - Annabelle Flores
  • 2010 - Study Abroad Bursaries launched
  • 2010 - North American Student Bursaries launched
  • 2010 - First NAFKU America Scholarship awarded - Morgan Davison
  • 2009 - NAFKU Scholarships launched in San Diego
  • 2009 - North American Partner University Bursaries launched
  • 2007 - Study Abroad Alumni Friends initiative launched in USA and Canada
  • 2007 - North American Homecoming at Keele
  • 2006 - The Annual Neil and Gina Smith Student of the Year Award launched

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