Living off campus

Our accommodation team are happy to offer assistance and advice when it comes to choosing an off-campus solution for your student accommodation.

When living off campus we strongly recommend that you choose properties advertised on the . All properties advertised are owned by reputable, accredited landlords. We cannot vouch for any landlords or properties not listed on Studentpad.

Living off campus for the first time can sometimes feel daunting, so we have put together the above guide to give you some helpful hints and tips. The guide is also available in booklet form from the Student Accommodation Office in Darwin Building. In the back of the booklet you will find useful checklists that will help you when looking for off campus accommodation.

If you are looking for somewhere to live off campus, Keele has a list of properties that are accredited to make sure that they meet a list of minimum standards. These include:

  • current gas and electrical safety certificates.
  • landlords and their properties are checked and .

The list of properties accredited is regularly updated, so register at the to make sure you get news of new properties as they are added.

You can search for private student housing, student flats and halls of residence, 24/7 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.

Keele Universty Studentpad

Using the you can:

  • register to receive notifications of newly listed properties.
  • look at photos of the property.
  • check property locations on a map (including local amenities).
  • use the to find housemates.
  • find out which tenancy deposit scheme landlords use.
  • view a contract for the property (where available).

New features being added in the New Year include:

  • information on the level of furnishing.
  • estimated costs of utility bills – if these are not included in the rent.
  • viewing a copy of the property contract (where available).

Student Accommodation Office

The Student Accommodation Office can help with information on:

  • the local area.
  • bus routes.
  • what to look for when you view a property.
  • getting the contract checked.
  • what to do if you have a problem with your rented property.

Remember that all accommodation contracts (once accepted) are legally binding whether with the University or a private landlord or provider. If you do sign a contract with a private landlord and subsequently withdraw or take a leave of absence from University, you will probably be liable for fees for the whole contract term.

Private contracts are between you and the landlord and the university has no liability in these matters.

also provides a Housing Pack and information sessions about moving off campus. Each year surveys students living off campus and makes the information available to students considering taking up privately rented accommodation.

Rents in the local area are amongst the cheapest in the country. They vary depending on the facilities available, but typical costs are £60-£90 per week with utility bills on top or £70-£135 per week with utility bills included. We can also offer details and prices for TV Licensing and information regarding Council Tax exemptions.

The has also developed a range of accompanying resources, including house-hunting checklists and short animated videos, about every part of the renting process from house-hunting, to signing a contract, and dealing with issues that might arise during a tenancy.

*Prices correct as of October 2017.

Being a good neighbour

Here's some information that you may find useful in becoming an active member of your community - Students Living in the Community.