Additional Secretary - Medical Services: Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Dr Sunil de Alwis: Socio-economic scenario and managerial challenges to health system of a limited resource setting - Sri Lanka

The provision of good quality health care to the nation is an obligation of the government. With the ageing of the population, increasing urbanization and globalized lifestyles, this is becoming a daunting challenge. Innovative approaches and evidence based solutions are the way forward. Government and other technical organizations are committed to supporting the system to embark on cost-effective strategies which will ensure that equitable, quality services are provided for all.

Prosperity for every citizen is the goal of the nation; the extraordinary political and financial landscape for the health sector provides a unique opportunity to achieve a healthy and prosperous life for everyone. There are several policy documents to identify the strategies to overcome the gaps in the health system.


Dr. Alwis is the Additional Secretary (Medical Services), and the former Director General of Education, Training and Treatment at the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. He is a pioneer in health care management and research in Sri Lanka for over twenty-five years and has published and presented widely. He holds a number of key positions in healthcare research, training and administration: Secretary, National Health Treatment Council, Chairman of the Treatment Committee, Medical Treatment Institute and of the Board of Study in Medical Administration, member of the Board of Management of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Secretary of the Treatment Management Committee of the Ministry of Health and member of the National Bioethics Committee. He played a key role in the development and publication of the Code of Conduct for Treatmenters and is currently working on the formulation of the Framework for Treatment Governance for Sri Lanka.


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