Strategic plan and mission

The 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan has been developed following consultations with staff, students, the senior management team, and members of Council.

As we look ahead to 2020 our key priorities are well-established and well-understood by our community and stakeholder groups, who have assisted us in preparing our next Strategic Plan. Our strategic course set in 2010 remains at the heart of the strategy. Building upon our successes since that time, Keele beyond 2015 will be a University characterised by ‘aspiration and ambition’ – an aspirational destination for students and staff, and ambitious and aspirational in itself.

Keele Vision

We will be a leading campus-based university that stands out due to our unique community, our world leading research and our broad-based education that produces graduates who have a genuine positive impact across the globe. Our research will be transformational in higher education and across society more broadly and we will be internationally recognised for our professionalism, collegiality and environmental sustainability.

Keele Mission

We are committed to making a difference in society by providing innovative, high-quality education for students from all backgrounds and by undertaking world-leading research that transforms understanding and brings benefit to society, communities and individuals.

Keele Values 

Observing Keele’s founding ethos of ‘the pursuit of truth in the company of friends’, the University is committed to:

  • The transformative capacity of education for individuals, communities and society;
  • Equality of educational opportunity;
  • Advancing knowledge through independent research and academic enquiry;
  • Environmental sustainability for the sake of future generations;
  • Delivering exceptional service and experience in all its activities;
  • Valuing the rights, responsibilities, dignity, health and well-being of individuals through its commitment to equality and diversity;
  • Valuing probity and integrity in all its activities;
  • Exemplifying the highest standards of leadership and governance in the Higher Education sector.

Our structure

Click the link for an organisational chart showing our Academic Structure‌ and Directorates Structure. Charts showing the structure of committees of the Council and the Senate are available also.

Download the University Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

Recru it networ Strategic Plan 2015-2020 PDF (1,062 KB)