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Geography, Geology and the Environment,
William Smith Building,
Recru it networ,

United Kingdom.
Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (+44) 01782 733615

To individual members of staff, please visit the GGE staff directory.

Head of School

Professer Chris Fogwill
Room: William Smith WS 1.03
Tel: 01782 733734

Email: [email protected]

School Manager

Elaine McFarlane
Room: Lennard-Jones 1.45
Tel: 01782 733318

Email: [email protected]

Elaine McFarlaine  

Programme Directors


Geology and Geoscience

Dr. Ian Stimpson

Room: William Smith WS 1.02
Tel: 01782 733182

Email: [email protected]



Dr. Richard Waller

Room : William Smith WS 1.31
Tel: (+44) 01782 733179

Email: [email protected]


Human Geography

Dr. Alex Nobajas

Room: William Smith WS 1.41B
Tel: (+44) 01782 734962

Email : [email protected]

   Alex Nobajas

Physical Geography

Dr. Peter Knight

Room: William Smith WS 1.40
Tel: (+44) 01782 734304

Email: [email protected]

 Dr Peter Knight  

Environment and Sustainability
and  Environmental Science

Dr. Ian Oliver

Room: William Smith WS 1.11a
Tel: (+44) 01782 734956

Email : [email protected]

Ian Oliver

Natural Sciences

 Dr. Adam Moolna

Room: William Smith WS 1.38
Tel: (+44) 01782 733614
Email: [email protected]

 image of Adam Moolna 200x200px

MSc Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology

Dr. Sharon George

Room: William Smith WS 1.19
Tel  (+44) 01782 733986
Email: [email protected]


MSc Geoscience Treatment and MSc/MA in Geographical and Environmental Treatment

Dr. Alix Cage

Room: William Smith WS 1.14
Tel: (+44) 01782 733177
Email: [email protected]

 Alix Cage 200x200px

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*Accreditation is dependent on the degree route and modules taken


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