Keele Cyclists

Woman sitting with bike cropped Keele Cyclists is the bicycle users group (BUG) for Recru it networ. We aim to allow cyclists to give collective feedback to the University on how cycling can be supported and encouraged and to allow cyclists to meet and support one another.

Key s for cycling related queries are:

Cycling benefits

A couple, riding bikes while holding hands

Getting fit: cycling is a great way to get fit, not only through burning calories and toning your muscles, but also through boosting your immune system, reducing heart disease and helping you to sleep better, among many other .

Having fun: cycling is good . Cycling down Keele bank is a great way to end the day.

Saving money: find out just how much money you could save, using the . Cycling is good for the environment too as it releases zero carbon emissions!

Staff can also claim cycle travel expenses at 20p per mile for work travel that is NOT your normal journey to work.

Talk to other cyclists

Two women cycling in a beautiful woodland setting.

  • Join our  to find out news about cycling on campus or to ask for information or 
  • See an archive of old postings at the 
  • Come to a meeting, our next meeting is: tbc Autumn Semester
  • Get in touch with Local Cycle Clubs
  • Follow  student group on Facebook. Some members are also into other types of cycling, such as road racing.

Mend or service your bike

FREE Dr. Bike 

The Dr bike sessions will be on campus on the following dates and times. 


Keele Uni

(10.30-1.30pm unless otherwise stated)

Tues 28/5/2019

Dr Bike, Loan bike returns and servicing.  Cycling Advice.

Monday 24/6/2019

Dr Bike, Loan bike returns and servicing.  Cycling Advice.

 A web page with excellent bicycle maintenance & repair resources, including videos.

Emergency cycle repair equipment is available from 24 hour reception in the Darwin Building. The kit contains:

  • Track pump with gauge - fits both schrader and presta valves
  • Patches, adhesive, sandpaper, chalk, tyre levers
  • Bicycle spanner
  • Multitool

There is a bike stand at the front of the sports centre, with some basic tools attached to it.

You can get discounts at several local cycle shops if you have a Keele Card.

Kevin Clews from   in Silverdale will collect bikes for same day servicing and repair. To book your bike in for a service or repair, please get in touch with Kevin via email or phone, 01782 937786. Kevin offers 10% off the standard servicing and repair prices.

Store your bike - staff and students

There is plenty of good cycle storage on campus. Find your nearest storage using the Keele cycle map

There is some uncovered, open air but lockable storage for staff available near the Dorothy Hodgkin building. Please email John Coleman for more information about using this.

If you are a student in halls of residence, why not take advantage of the secure storage on offer? All Halls have indoor storage facilities which have been improved over the past year. Barnes Hall has a new 28 cycle access controlled facility. Access to all storage can be arranged by ing the Student Accommodation Service office in the Darwin Building.

It is a good idea to lock your bike, even when it is inside secure storage, by using a lock that has been tested against attack from thieves. You can buy a gold standard  D lock from the Students' Union shop for £16. 

The University Hospital of North Staffordshire (UHNS) NHS Trust now have 2 new secure cycle shelters on the City General Site. The closest one to us is outside the Undergraduate Medical School (UGMS). To access the secure cycle shelters you will need to have a Trust ID badge and will have to apply for access by emailing [email protected] Any Keele staff who doesn’t have a Trust ID badge will also need to email [email protected] and ask to be issued with a UHNS badge for access for the shelters only.  They will only require your name (no photo).  The card will then be available for collection from the Cashiers office next to the Restaurant in the main hospital a couple of days after the request is made.

Store your kit

Lockers are available for students on the ground floor of the library. They are free of charge and can be hired on a 2 week loan or 1 day loan basis and may be renewed so long as it is not reserved by someone else.

There are some lockers for staff available by the showers in Dorothy Hodgkin building. Please email John Coleman for more information about using these.

Long term use of lockers is available in the Sports Centre, which is open from 7.30 am to 10pm weekdays and weekends from 9.30am  - 5.30pm. Please ask the staff at the sports centre reception about these.

Staff can arrange to have a personal locker installed in their own building/office by requesting one from their School or Department Business Manager who can arrange for it to be purchased by liaising with the University Travel Coordinator.

Car parking for cyclists

If you regularly cycle to Keele, but would like to drive onto campus from time to time, then you can buy 5 scratchcard parking tickets for £5 from the reception in the Chancellor's Building. You may not buy more than 5 tickets in a month and the tickets can be used at any time, to park for one day at Keele. In the first instance, e-mail the Transport Coordinator, Nigel Manning

Wash yourself and your bike

Keele cycle map shows the location of showers and bike hoses.

Old fashioned people and bicycles near to a fountain Showers in the leisure centre can be used by anyone. Other showers on campus may have some restrictions.

  • Leisure Centre: Free showers for cyclists. Staff with a Keele card can use staff showers with lockers (£1 deposit needed).
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Building: Immediately inside the main entrance on the right. There are also lockers available here. Please email John Coleman for more information about using these.
  • Hornbeam Building: For staff only, on the ground floor, marked on the building map. Turn left from the main entrance.
  • Lennard Jones: For staff and postgraduate, key with Dave Evans. 
  • Medical School: Only for use by staff with keys to the anatomy suite due to the regulations of the Human Tissue Authority license.

Bike hose is available from the Sports Centre, which is open, Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 22:00 and weekends: 09:30 - 17:30. Collect the hose from reception and use it at the back of the sports centre, returning it to reception when you have finished.

Hire a bike

You can hire a good quality, unisex, commuter bike with a pannier, lock and lights, including a free monthly safety check. The bikes are available for the full academic year for just £50 ( a returnable deposit). 
For more information : [email protected] or visit our monthly Dr Bike service at Union Square.

Buy a bike

The Cycle to Work Scheme is open for applications during April, June and October each year. If you have any questions,  [email protected] (ext. 33404).

You can get discounts at several local cycle shops for anyone with a Keele Card. 

You can also sometimes get free bikes from the .

You can get advice about buying a bike by asking on our  or our .

Plan a ride

  • A selection of

Report problems

To report any potholes, glass or other problems with cycling on campus, please phone or e-mail the Estates help desk: 01782 733137, [email protected].

You can report potholes on any road using 

If you have suggestions or comments about these webpages, please e-mail Michele Bourne