The Keele Centre for Ageing Treatment (KCAR) is a university-wide, cross-faculty research centre drawing together researchers investigating ageing, age groups (including children, adolescents, the middle-aged, and older people), generations and inter-generational relations, and the life course from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. Building on Keele’s 30-year reputation for world-leading ageing research and the university’s identification of ageing as one of its three strategic streams, KCAR’s core aims are to:

  • Support inter-disciplinary ageing research at Keele, conducted ethically and in partnership with affected groups and local, national, and international agencies
  • Foster opportunities for, support, and enhance national and international ageing-related research collaboration and innovation, and
  • Produce excellent research that reflects the diversity, complexity, and richness of ageing as a life-long process, informs policy and practice, empowers members of all age groups, and benefits personal, family, and community life.