The Keele Key Fund

The Keele Key Fund provides opportunities, funded by alumni and other friends of the University, that support, maintain and enhance the Keele experience, both now and in the future.


Thanks to the generosity of donations to the Keele Key Fund, in excess of £200,000 has supported over 35 innovative projects that have made an immediate impact on the staff and student experience at Keele. In 2018, we again invited academics, students and professional services to bid for up to a maximum of £10,000 for their innovative project.

What is the Keele Key Fund?

The Keele Key Fund was established to bring together the goodwill and generosity of Keele alumni to financially benefit the university and its students. The Keele Key Fund invests annually in creative, innovative and extraordinary projects that will have an immediate impact on the campus and enhance the student experiences and have a positive impact on the student community. Projects have included Mental Health First Aid training, sports equipment, ACeD Bursaries and Live Age.

Successful projects

Congratulations to the successful projects funded through the Keele Key Fund thanks to generous donations from our supporters. Successful projects funded in 2018 include:

  • Keele Food Coop - Zero Waste Shop
  • AcED Bursary
  • Keele Mountaineering Club Equipment
  • Sexual Violence Awareness Week
  • Instruments for Flute Choir
  • Portable sound equipment for Drama Society
  • Keele Nightline Equipment
  • Beginner Running Group 'Leadership in Running Fitness' Training
  • KUBE Studio Renovation
  • Men's Football Club Kit and Equipment
  • Authentic Siege Demo Equipment for Keele Re-enactment Society
  • Global Health Challenges Conference: Neglected Individuals
  • Trampolining Club equipment
  • Boogie Bounce
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Early Resolution for Students Reporting Sexual Violence on Campus
  • Campus Heritage Trail

How can you apply?

Applications for the Keele Key Fund are set to open again in 2019.

In 2018, the Keele Key Fund disbursement was open to all academics, Professional Services staff and students to bid for a share of the fund to support innovative projects that have a positive impact on the campus, teaching and the student community. Disbursement was split into two streams, the first being Academics and Professional Services Staff and the second, Student-led Projects

Candidates wishing to apply must have completed the online application form and provided proof of the approval from the person in charge of their budget, and the Director of Estates if the project will impact the University's estate.

As a general guide most previous successful applications have been in the range of £500-£2,500. However, other amounts will be considered for an exceptional projects.

Applications to support a larger project were considered provided that it was clear which aspects of the project the Keele Key Fund will contribute to and that the impact of not receiving funding is clearly explained.

Applications were considered by a panel comprising the following representatives:

  • Chair (member of University’s senior leadership, Council or College of Fellows)
  • Academic representative
  • Advancement Team representative
  • Keele alumni representation (donor)
  • SU representative
  • KPA representative
  • AU representative

The panel met in October 2018 and successful applicants were notified by the end of October 2018.