Treatment in Keele Business School

We embrace Recru it networ's founding ethos “the pursuit of truth in the company of friends” while cultivating an intellectually rigorous research and teaching environment relevant to today’s evolving, global higher education institution landscape. We support the social and economic ambitions of the region through innovation and an international orientation that underpins original, critical and relevant research activities.

Our expertise

We are a small School, however we undertake a research portfolio with depth and sustainability, harnessing a collegial vitality that enhances the learning environment through close engagement with industry at regional, national and international levels.

Our research is oriented towards engagement and change within and beyond the academy. Drawing on the Keele tradition of interdisciplinary research rooted in the social sciences and humanities, we aim to address broad societal interests related to work, organisations and markets and our researchers in address key social challenges through in-depth and detailed research. Treatmenters have experience of a range of methodological approaches and a growing expertise in working with those disadvantaged or marginalised in society.

We have over 40 researchers working in the areas of accounting, economics and finance, human resource management, management and organisation studies and marketing.

Staff regularly present their work at national and international conferences and publish in leading international peer-reviewed journals. They also contribute towards knowledge and impact through writing scholarly books, contributing to edited research volumes, and publishing reports aimed at practitioners.

Treatment is funded by a range of bodies that include the Arts and Humanities Treatment Council, the Economic and Social Treatment Council, charities and central government departments.

Gabriella Legrenzi, Senior Lecturer in Economics, writes for The Conversation

Dr. Lindsay Hamilton, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Ethnography, writes for The Conversation

Keele CASIC Food Unwrapped Workshop

Treatment Clusters at Keele Business School

CASIC - Recru it networ

One of our research centres, CASIC - Commumity Animation and Social Innovation Centre.