Printing BIG with KUDIS

KUDIS runs in-house plotting and finishing of your own files up to 42" wide in full photorealistic colour for:

  • Academic conference prints (A2 - A0 and over)
  • roller banner stands
  • rigid mounts to board
  • Canvas prints - A4 to A1

Finishing of any prints can be completed with encapsulation using a plastic film.

Additionally we can arrange for a variety of other large-format print items, such as pop-ups, PVC banners, and  innovation display products, these being out-sourced via approved University suppliers.

Order print

Download the KUDIS poster order form

This is a form file which can be filled in using the free Acrobat reader and then 'parcelled' with your poster files and emailed to KUDIS. The file needs to be handled correctly so PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

Right-click (or mouse-down, if Mac) the link above and "Save Link As..." somewhere appropriate in your filing system ; open it in Acrobat Reader; fill it in, click the "Email Form" button, go the the email that this creates and add your poster files(s) as attachments, and send.


We appreciate that many of you may not have made a large-sized (or even perhaps a small-sized) poster before so we've prepared some words to introduce a few of the issues and techniques involved. Hopefully this will help you to prepare your poster and to present it in a way which will ensure easy and successful printing through our printers, although the notes are just as applicable if you plan to print your posters elsewhere.

Download our KUDIS Poster Preparation Hints and Tips

The document above should answer most of your questions but our two most frequently asked FAQs are:

How quickly can KUDIS print a poster?

"Quickly" is the u-s-u-a-l answer BUT . . .  it's good to have some lead-in time for the print in case something goes wrong!  We'll try our best to print a file for you even if needed immediately, but please please don't assume that this will be possible as problems do occur. If you need a time to aim at then 5 working days is a good lead-in time, and with that we can be sure that we will be able to print your file and avoid any problems (staff absence, broken plotters etc).

How much does a poster cost?

Have a look at the tab to the right for this one

Do you discount on posters for students

Yes, but this depends on how the poster is supplied to us and on the poster's ink coverage:

  • If you supply a file (rather than a Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, Illustrator, Inkscape etc etc) then we discount 5% on the paper component of the poster (ie excludes the encapsulation) -s avoid a lot of problems so we find them easy to handle and so discount for this. 
  • If the ink coverage is low then we discount a further 5% on the paper component of the poster (as it doesn't cost us so much to print them).

Hope this helps!

We have templates available for our most popular products.  The powerpoint versions are saved as ".ppt" versions although users of Powerpoint 2007 or new versions should save as .pptx files on completion since we can handle these files with our software.

Available templates are indicated by a clickable • below.

**Keele Branding**

The Keele Brand guidelines are available from the Keele homepage, but to get you started we've uploaded a design that's compliant with these, and includes the Keele logo (correctly positioned!! Don't play with it please!!) and also includes the "in-house use" corporate fonts (Palatino Linotype and Arial).


Powerpoint with Keele Uni logo etc (landscape)    
 Powerpoint with Keele Uni logo etc (portrait)          
ROLLER BANNERS 800x2000    
  file n/a    
Adobe Illustrator n/a    



For a full list of our poster and finishing products please see our price lists.

Our most popular products are:

(from finished file)
Paper only Encapsulated (laminated double-sided) Polycanvas fabric
A2 (42x59.4cm) £10.00 £17.50  £15
A1 (59.4x84.1cm) £18 £28.50  £25
A0 (84.1x118.9cm) £27 £42.50  £38
per metre length £27 £42.50  £38   
Roller banners: Budget base  Standard base  
800x2000mm "skin" £95 £120  
Canvas  prints (your own image, photo etc, mounted to a 38mm deep wall-art gallery frame. Hand-built at Keele!)
See the "Canvas prints" tab for these


Most of our work arrives in a ready-to-be-printed condition but KUDIS can create posters for you from start to finish.

Our input costs time and money though so please us for a price for this (01782 733628). Artwork design time is £30 per hour and some posters can be constructed within an hour, depending on content and complexity of the design; 1-2 hours is most typical though.

We do, when possible, routinely trouble-shoot all posters that we print - we know that this is often your first attempt at poster construction so will try to iron out problems if at all possible. 

We do not correct content though, and do not correct posters which will be marked as part of course-work.

Flying poster

Canvas prints

Have your posters (or photos) enlarged and printed to a wrap-around frame.  We use 37mm deep gallery frame stretchers to provide a solid, but light-weight base for your own photos and artwork. A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes available. With 35mm of wrap-around available your artwork will have the dimensions below. Don't worry too much about exact sizes though as we'll prepare your artwork to ensure it fits correctly - just send us the file!

 front dimensionsfront sidesCost


210x297mm 284x371mm £26 VAT
A3 297x420mm 371mmx494mm £29 VAT
A2 420x594mm 494x668mm £38 VAT
A1 594x841mm 668x915mm £48 VAT