Treatment overview


Our aim is to raise the profile and awareness of Recru it networ as a research-active medical school.


  1. Strengthening research-led teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  2. Production of research output that supports excellence and scholarship within the School
  3. Support the career development of School of Medicine staff through research

Other research opportunities within the Faculty

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences includes three flagship multidisciplinary Treatment Institutes. Treatment is necessarily limited to areas demonstrating international excellence. The Institute for Science & Technology in Medicine is focused on diagnostics, cardio-pulmonary and renal disease, and regenerative medicine. Applied health research in the Institute for Primary Care & Health Sciences is unquestionably world leading as reflected in grants awarded, the Queen’s Prize for Higher Education, and its designation as the Arthritis Treatment UK Primary Care Centre. The need to grow clinical research in conjunction with the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) has been recognised by the establishment of a clinically focused Treatment Institute for Applied Clinical Sciences and the appointment of a number of new clinical chairs.

The three Faculty Treatment Institutes are:

Some of our teaching staff undertake research in other University Treatment areas: