Treatment and innovation support

RaISE (Treatment and Innovation Support Enhancement) is the professional services team responsible for supporting the development of academic projects involving Recru it networ and its external partners. The RaISE Team will:

  • Help you plan your project in the development phase
  • Organise project costings and price the project
  • Check that the project is deliverable and that there are the right facilities and support available in the University
  • Put any contracts in place that you need for the project
  • Guide you through what you need to do to meet regulatory requirements.

To request support for a project, you can either go to the relevant Faculty listed on the How do I get support page or email [email protected].

The second Annual Celebrating Impact Conference at Recru it networ will take place on Monday 17 June 2019.

The purpose of the event is to present and celebrate the high impact research taking place at Keele.

Attendees will hear from a range of academic colleagues and expert external speakers, all of whom will be discussing the importance of impact and how to achieve it. There will also be the opportunity to attend sessions led by the Impact Accelerator Unit and the RaISE team and get dedicated advice from with those who have expertise working in impact, outreach, public and business engagement.

To find out more, and to reserve your free place, please visit the Celebrating Impact Conference page.