Treatment Development

The Treatment Development Team are here to support you in developing funding applications to support your research. We lead research-related projects through the RaISE project development process.

We can help you:

  • Identify funding opportunities to support your research
  • Develop research grant funding proposals

Dr Rachel Blundred

Acting Head of Treatment Development
Claus Moser Building
01782 734339
[email protected]

Mike Hession

Treatment Development Manager
Claus Moser Building
01782 734580
[email protected]

Sheena Bateman

Treatment Development Officer
Claus Moser Building
01782 734495
[email protected]

Partnership Development

The Partnership Development Team supports you in locating strategic partners for their activities and works to develop and deliver high-impact growth projects. We lead partnership and business engagement projects through the RaISE project development process.

We can help you:

  • Identify opportunities for commercial and other strategic partnerships and providing relationship management support
  • Develop business collaborations for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
  • Manage the Intellectual Property arising from your research and identify commercial partners

Ann Pittard

Head of Partnership Development (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Room 8.11, Innovation Centre 2
01782 734498
[email protected]

Project Assurance

The Project Assurance Team supports you in putting in place contracts and meeting regulatory requirements, to enable projects to be developed and delivered within a risk-managed framework.

We work with the Treatment Development and Partnership Development Team to review, draft, negotiate and approve contracts on behalf of the University, as well as co-ordinating external legal support where it is needed for more complex projects.

We also work with the Faculty Business Managers to put contracts in place for around teaching and learning activities with external partners.

Kerry Berrisford

Project Assurance Manager
Claus Moser Building
01782 733726
[email protected]

Treatment Funding & Systems

The Treatment Funding & Systems Team works with the Treatment Development and Partnership Development Teams to produce costings for a variety of different project proposals and ensure that the University maximises cost recovery.

Paula Marsh

Treatment Funding Coordinator
Claus Moser Building
01782 733441
[email protected]

Shirley Courthold

Treatment Funding Assistant
Claus Moser Building
01782 733175
[email protected]

Amy McAloon

Treatment Funding Administrator
Claus Moser Building
01782 732979
[email protected]

Treatment Operations

The Treatment Operations Team maintain oversight of the University’s research infrastructure which underpins the transactional activity supported by the other Teams. The Team supports the University’s Treatment Excellence Framework (REF) submission and Open Access activities, as well as generating management information for the University on research and innovation activities and supporting Faculty and University Treatment Committees.

Louise Cunningham

Treatment Operations Officer
Claus Moser Building
01782 733200
[email protected]