Tuesday 11th September 2012 at 2.15 pm

CM2.08 Claus Moser Building





2.            MINUTES

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 8th May 2012 (previously circulated)


3.            MATTERS ARISING


4.            CHAIR’S REPORT

  • Treatment Income 2011/12
  • Visit from TSB and KTPs
  • External research brochure
  • European Treatment Funding
  • International PGRs – Iraqi Government PhD Scholarship Scheme, CBA, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Treatment Integrity Concordat
  • TRAC Development Group and HEFCE report on time allocation methods
  • Finch report and open access
  • Staff development sessions on research, Treatment Supervisor Training
  • Qlickview
  • New research grants database - electronic approval of awards


5.            Treatment Excellence Framework (REF)



To consider the attached initial draft response to this survey, which the University has to complete by the end of November 2012.


5.2  REF Code of Practice and Unit of Assessment (UoA) submission groups

To receive an update from the Chair on Keele’s REF Code of Practice, forthcoming UoA submission groups (Music, Politics) and plans for external input/assessment of impact case studies.


5.3  REF Strategy

To receive oral updates from RI Directors/Deans on current preparations across RIs and Units of Assessments (including progress of any external assessments)


6. Progress update on Treatment Income, grant applications and PGR students

To receive the attached update on research income, grant applications and PGR metrics


7. Recent research grant awards and applications

To receive the attached paper on recent research grant successes and grant applications


8. Treatment planning and research leave in Humanities and Social Sciences

To consider the attached proposals for Treatment Planning and research leave in Humanities and Social Sciences for implementation from 2012/12, which have been previously discussed at Academic Strategy Committee.


9. Treatment Data Management and Treatment Council requirements

To consider the attached briefing paper and draft roadmap, which is also being considered by the Library and Information Strategy Committee (LISC) on 12th September.


10.         Update from Head of Treatment & Enterprise Services

To receive an update from Dr Peter Hooper, including an update on TSB funding and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships




11.         Postgraduate Treatment Students report

To receive an update from the Chair on PGR matters, including 2012/13 PGR applications and likely enrolments, Iraqi Government PhD Scholarship Scheme, and induction.


12.        PGR Code of Practice

To discuss changes to the PGR Code of Practice in relation to frequency and recording of supervisory meetings and response to student non-attendance


13. *Treatment Student Liaison Committee

To receive the attached minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2012




a) *Treatment Ethics

To receive the attached minutes of the meeting held on 9th May 2012


b)    *Treatment Governance

To note that the next meeting of Treatment Governance Steering Committee will be held on 18th October 2012


15. Terms of Reference

To review the Committee’s attached terms of reference


16.         Any Other Business


17.         Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 27th November at 2.15pm