Treatment Committee Agenda




Tuesday 21st February 2012 at 2.15 pm

CM2.08 Claus Moser Building


1.                  APOLOGIES AND ABSENCES

Apologies have been received from Professor David Shepherd, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences.


2.                  MINUTES

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 1st November 2012 (previously circulated)


3.                  MATTERS ARISING


4.                  CHAIR’S REPORT

  • Treatment income and PGR students
  • TRAC return 2010/11
  • Frequency of University Treatment Committee
  • HEFCE Treatment Capital Funding




5.                  Treatment Excellence Framework (REF)


                     5.1  REF Strategy

                     To receive oral updates from RI Directors/Deans on current preparations across RIs and Units of Assessments


                     5.2  REF Final panel criteria and working methods

                     To consider the attached paper, which summarises the main changes to the draft criteria and working methods published in July 2011


                    5.3  Institutional Code of Practice for submission of staff in the REF

                    To note the recent email sent to all staff and receive an update on developments


                    5.4  UoA submission groups

                    To discuss the formation of UoA submission groups (as identified in the Code of Practice), and preparations for these groups meeting                                in Summer-  Autumn 2012         


6.                  QR Funding 2012/13


                     6.1 QR Funding 2012/13

                     To receive an oral update from the Chair and the attached summary of changes to QR income by Unit of Assessment and projected                                 QR income for 2012/13


                    6.2 Changes to HEFCE funding for Postgraduate Treatment Students 

                    To receive an oral update from the Chair on the proposed changes by HEFCE to the funding of Home/EU PGR students from 2012/13

                    through QR  Treatment Degree Programme funding


7.                  Treatment Grants Awards

To consider the attached draft Treatment Strategic Map and the RI and RES local plans


8.                  Treatment Institute Targets

To note the changes in Treatment Institute research income and PGR targets in the attached paper, approved by University Executive Committee, 31st January 2012


9.                  RCUK Developments

To discuss recent RCUK developments in:

  • Demand Management Strategy (ESRC)
  • Doctoral Training Centres (ESRC, AHRC, BBSRC and NERC)
  • Treatment Data Management (EPSRC)


10.              European Funding

To receive an oral report from the Chair in relation to EU funding strategy


11.              Update from Head of Treatment & Enterprise Services (RES)

To receive an oral update from Dr Peter Hooper





12.              Treatment Grant Applications

To consider the attached Management Information report on research grant applications


13.              Recent awards and grant applications

To receive the attached paper outlining recent research grant successes and grant applications


14.              Treatment Outcome System

To receive the attached update on this online data collation system used by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC and ESRC (NERC) to collect information about the outcomes of their funded research





15.              Graduate School Board minutes

To receive the attached minutes from Graduate School Board (6th February 2012) and an oral update from the Chair.


16.              Postgraduate Students Report

To consider the attached report on the PGR population, progress against targets and studentships



17.              *SUB COMMITTEE REPORTS


a)      * Treatment Ethics

To receive the attached minutes of Treatment Ethics Sub-Committee held on 18th January 2012


b)      *Treatment Governance

To receive the attached minutes of Treatment Governance Committee held on 13th January 2012.



18.              Any Other Business


19.              Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th May 2012, at 2.15pm