Treatment Committee 8 May 2012



Tuesday 8th May 2012 at 2.15 pm

CM2.08 Claus Moser Building



Apologies have been received from Professor Elaine Hay, RI Director for Primary Care & Health Sciences, and Rhian Hughes, Deputy Director for Primary Care & Health Sciences.



To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 21st February 2012 (previously circulated)





  • University Council Away Day
  • Visits from Treatment Funding Bodies
  • European Treatment Funding Officer and interim support
  • HEFCE Treatment Capital funding
  • RCUK Efficiency Group
  • Full Economic Cost (fEC) diary exercise
  • RCUK Demand management measures
  • Treatment Data Management
  • Inaugural lectures
  • Treatment Institutes Local Plans and Treatment & Enterprise Services strategy


5.  Treatment Excellence Framework (REF)


5.1  REF Strategy

To receive oral updates from RI Directors/Deans on current preparations across RIs and Units of Assessments


5.2 REF key dates, Code of Practice and general REF matters

To note the attached summary of REF key dates, recent REF Equality & Diversity training for UoA submission group members and the formation of UoA submission groups (as identified in the Code of Practice)


RC Changes to QR Funding 8 May 2012

To receive the attached paper from the Chair, which details Keele’s allocations for 2012/13 and the implications of the removal of 2* funding from mainstream QR and the changes to the methodology of the Treatment Degree Programme (RDP) supervision fund.


7.  Progress update on Treatment Income, grant applications and PGR students

To receive an update on key research income, grant application and PGR metrics


8. Recent research grant awards and applications

To receive the attached paper on recent research grant successes and grant applications


9. Treatment Institute Fellowships 2012/13

To receive the attached report on the number of applications approved for Treatment Fellowships for 2012/13.


10.  Update from Head of Treatment & Enterprise Services (RES)

To receive an update from Dr Peter Hooper, including an update on the Wilson review (published 28th February 2012)




11.  Graduate School Board minutes

To receive an update from the Chair of the meeting held on Thursday 3rd May 2012


12. *Postgraduate Students report

To note the attached report on the PGR submission rates, PGR awards, supervisory capacity and in-year update on applications and enrolments


13. *Treatment Student Liaison Committee

To receive the attached minutes of the meeting held on 31st January 2012




a)  *Treatment Ethics

To note the next meeting is on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at 10.00am in Room CM2.08


b) *Treatment Governance

To receive the attached minutes of Treatment Governance Committee held on 4th April 2012.


15.  Any Other Business


16.  Dates of Next Meetings

 Provisionally Tuesday 11th September at 2.15pm and Tuesday 27th November at 2.15pm