University Postgraduate Treatment Committee


To maintain and promote a high quality postgraduate research culture within the university thereby contributing to the university's broader mission as a research-led university. The Terms of Reference can be found under Regulation 17.


Sitting beneath University Postgraduate Treatment Committee is Postgraduate Treatment Strategic Development Group. Click on the link to see the scope, Terms of Reference, and membership of the Strategic Development Group.


University Postgraduate Treatment Committee Membership 2017-18
Professor David Amigoni Pro Vice-Chancellor (Treatment and Enterprise) Chair
Professor Mark Ormerod Deputy Vice-Chancellor   
Professor Helen O'Sullivan Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)  
Professor Paul Horrocks Chair of RDC  
Dr Jacqueline Potter Head of Learning and Professional Development Centre  
Ms Dorothea Ross-Simpson Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct  
Mr Pat Power Head of International Recruitment and Development  
Dr Ceri Morgan PGR Director - HUMSS (Humanities)  
Professor Tony Bradney PGR Director - HUMSS (Social Sciences)  
Dr Shailesh Naire PGR Director - Natural Sciences  
Dr Sam Hider PGR Director - Primary Care and Health Sciences  
Dr Clare Hoskins PGR Director - Science and Technology in Medicine   
Mr Ieuan Smith President of Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)  
In attendance    
Carol Hough, Paul Cartwright, David Myatt Faculty Business Managers (attend on rolling basis)  
Dr Edward Smith  Postgraduate Officer   Secretary


 Meeting Papers and Minutes

Please click on the links below to view the University PGR Committee papers and minutes from the meetings listed:

2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-18

UPGRC Minutes 8th October 2015

UPGRC Papers 8th October 2015

UPGRC Minutes 6th October 2016

UPGRC Papers 6th October 2016

UPGRC Minutes 5th October 2017

UGPRC Papers 5th October 2017

UPRC Minutes 4th February 2016

UPRC Papers 4th February 2016

UPGRC Papers 9th February 2017

UPGRC Minutes 8th February 2018

UPGRC Papers 8th February 2018

UPRC Minutes 5th May 2016

UPRC Papers 5th May 2016

UPGRC Minutes 11th May 2017

UPGRC Papers 11th May 2017


Meeting Dates for 2017-18 
(All meetings at 10:00am in the Claus Moser Building, Room 2.08)

Thursday 5 October

Thursday 8 February

Thursday 10 May