Graduate School Board Agenda


Monday 6th February 2012 at 10.00 am
Room CM2.07/8 Claus Moser

Please note items marked with * are not for discussion but can be un-starred if required.

Apologies received from Dr Emma Head.  Angela Moulton is attending in place of Dr Annette Kratz.

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2011 (previously circulated)

To discuss the attached actions and outcomes paper.


4.    Report from the Chair

To receive an oral update from the Chair on recent PGR developments, including:
•    PGR Developments briefings
•    PGR numbers and intakes
•    English Language qualifications
•    Overseas Fees
•    Code of Practice
•    PGR Development and Transferable Skills Training Fund
•    EThOS, e-theses, electronic repository and open access
•    Chair of Treatment Degrees Committee

5.    PGR supervisor training

To receive an oral update from Head of Learning and Professional Development Centre

6.    HEFCE funding & Treatment Council developments

To receive an oral update from the Chair on the current funding climate for Home/EU PGR students
•    HEFCE funding of PGRs through RDP supervision fund
•    Treatment Councils: ESRC, AHRC Block Grant Partnerships, BBSRC, EPSRC

7.    QAA Consulation on Treatment Degrees - Quality Code for HE

To consider the attached summary on this consultation, and the University’s response.

8.    Remote Location PhDs

To discuss and take forward the actions agreed by ASC on 8th November 2011 in the attached paper.

9.    Postgraduate Treatment Experience Survey (PRES)

To consider the attached paper from PVC Education and Student Experience which benchmarks Keele’s (42) responses to the national results of this survey

10.    Management Information

To consider the attached report on PGR student numbers, looking at trends over the last 3 years (and the impact on QR funding), progress against RI targets, withdrawals and sources of funding for new students (including RCUK studentships).

11.    Treatment Student Liaison Committee

To receive the attached minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2011 (previously Postgraduate Students Executive Liaison committee) and receive an oral report from the meeting held on 31st January 2012.


12.    *Report from Treatment Degrees Committee

To note that 24 January 2012 meeting reported the suspension of MRes Victorian studies as reported by HUMSS FLTC.

13.    Update from KPA Chair

14.    Update from Treatment Institute PGR Directors

including RI Symposia

15.    *Treatment Staff Committee

To receive the attached minutes of the meeting held on 28th September 2011.

16.    Any other business

17.    Next meeting

Thursday 3rd May 2012, at 10.00 am

Combined of agenda and papers