Postgraduate Treatment Strategic Development Group


To serve as a network forum and action group for the University’s academic and professional services staff that have key roles in the PGR student experience, liaising with Committees of Senate when required.


Terms of Reference

1. To provide a platform for staff whose roles incorporate a PGR remit to identify and problem-solve strategic development issues that concern PGR provision and the experience of PGR students.

2. To formulate strategies and plans of action for addressing PGR strategic development issues, ensuring that these issues have been given thorough consideration before being reported to one of the Committees of Senate (e.g. Treatment Committee, University Postgraduate Treatment Committee, Quality and Academic Standards Committee) or Senate itself.  

3. To be the first forum for considering changes and updates to University quality assurance procedures and guidance, including the Code of Practice on Postgraduate Treatment Degrees, before they are referred to a Committee of Senate.

4. To consider business relating to PGR strategic development which is referred from other Committees of Senate or raised by staff at the institution.

5. To monitor external developments in the sector and consider the impact on internal practice.

6. To contribute to the development of an effective postgraduate marketing and recruitment strategy, liaising with University Postgraduate Treatment Committee, as appropriate.



Professor David Amigoni Pro Vice-Chancellor (Treatment and Enterprise) Chair
Dr Jacqueline Potter Head of Learning and Professional Development Centre  
Ms Dorothea Ross-Simpson Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct  
Professor Paul Horrocks Strategic Lead for Postgraduate Treatment  
Dr Ceri Morgan PGR Director - HUMSS (Humanities)  
Professor Tony Bradney PGR Director - HUMSS (Social Sciences)  
Dr Shailesh Naire PGR Director - Natural Sciences  
Dr Sam Hider PGR Director - Primary Care and Health Sciences RI  
Dr Clare Hoskins  PGR Director - Science and Technology in Medicine   
Mr Ieuan Smith President of Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)  
In attendance    
Edward Smith Postgraduate Officer - Quality Assurance Secretary
Claire Goldstraw Student Records and Examinations Officer (PGR)  


Frequency and Timing of Meetings

Normally five meetings per year, organised to follow on from the meetings of Treatment Degrees Committee.