ORCiDs and Symplectic

Setting Up Your ORCiD in Symplectic

An ORCiD (Open Treatmenter and Contributor ID) is a unique ID number which can be used to associate authors with their works. Treatmenters are increasingly adopting ORCiDs, and they are useful to differentiate research outputs by people with the same or similar names. An added bonus is that the ORCiD itself is searchable on the web, as publishers are adding them to research output abstracts and other catalogue data. Keele staff can, if they have an ORCiD, associate it with their Symplectic account, or create one, using the link provided on the Symplectic homepage. Symplectic is now set up to identify publications which cite ORCiDs on the internet - if users add their ORCiD information this will enhance the system's ability to identify works by them.

To get started, you must log in to Symplectic yourself - it is not possible for a delegated user to complete your ORCiD registration on your behalf.

At your Symplectic homepage, click Add your ORCiD... at (1)


If you already have an ORCiD and just need to link it to your Symplectic account - enter your ORCiD login details in the sign in boxes provided (1) then click Authorize (2) - your ORCiD should then automatically appear on your Symplectic homepage. If you don't have an ORCiD, click on Register Now (indicated by the arrow below)


At the registration page, enter your name (1) and email address (2)

Then create a password (1). You can use the options at (2) to set the visibility of your ORCiD record; make sure you check the option at (3) ('I am not a robot') and (4) (accept terms and conditions). Then click Authorize (5)

Once completed your ORCiD will appear on your Symplectic welcome page, see (1) below. In future, if your ORCiD is cited with your publications on the web, Symplectic will be able to pin-point your work with more precision and match it with your profile.

 Download this information: Adding ORCiD to Symplectic