What will happen when I contact the RaiSE team?

A RaISE Project Lead will be allocated to work with you to take your project forward. You can find more information about getting support by clicking here.

  • The RaISE Project Lead will be responsible for steering your project through the University’s project development and approvals processes on your behalf. They will act as your key point of contact throughout the project and will work with you to develop the project.
  • The RaISE Project Lead will work with professional services colleagues in the RaISE Hubs to identify the support needed to get the project off the ground (e.g. whether costings are required or whether a contract needs to be put in place)

The RaISE Project Lead will help you ensure that you can deliver the project in accordance with University requirements and will be asked to approve on behalf of the professional services team that the project has been appropriately costed, is deliverable and that all compliance requirements are met, prior to submission.

The flowchart below gives you an overview of the key stages that a project will go through as it is developed by the RaISE Team.