Public engagement in research

At Keele, public engagement embraces all activities that enhance our sense of the university as a place that makes a direct contribution to society and the economy through 'cumulative engagement' with local and wider related communities for mutual benefit.

'Cumulative engagement' means doing research in ways that result in co-produced knowledge – right through its inception to its process and outcomes.

Co-production involves use of creative and innovative research methodologies to have two-way conversation with our publics, whether an individual or an organisation that benefit both the research and our external partners. This might offer practical challenges in some research areas.

Keele’s committed staff who do publicly engaged research across the arts, humanities and sciences through interdisciplinary teamwork show that it is possible to develop good quality PER methodologies in all disciplines. This can range from outreach to co-production in its highest form.

You will soon be able read our public engagement strategy / policy.

Members of the public or an organisation

If you are member of the public or an organisation, you will be able to find information on how to get involved or join our network of engaged people, researchers, organisations, and read our stories about our public engagement with research activities to see how we are working with communities and involving the public in our research:

Learn about our flagship community-university partnership festival 'Stoking Curiosity':

  • People and researchers from across Staffordshire
  • Discuss, debate and be creative
  • Around the big issues affecting our communities and wider world
  • Sharing and producing knowledge together.

Working or studying at Keele

If you are working or studying at Keele this site will form part of Keele’s commitment to embed public engagement as an integrated sustainable, interdisciplinary team culture across all research areas. We will also provide you access to information about:

  • Available public engagement research training and guidance for incorporating public engagement in your research and teaching
  • Seedcorn funding available for research incorporating public engagement
  • The forthcoming Keele Excellence Award in Public Engagement with Treatment
  • Other ways in which your contribution to engaged research is recognised by the university
  • Linking public engagement with research to your career pathway
  • The online hub for public engagement with research that will connect staff, students and individuals and organisations committed to working together to produce high-quality research using a range of methods from outreach to co-production
  • Support available for school leadership for incorporating public engagement with research in teaching and research
  • Public engagement champion in your school or faculty
  • Institutional platforms such as events and festivals to showcase, develop and enhance your engaged research, for example Stoking Curiosity.

Keele is a signatory to the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) Manifesto for Public Engagement.

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