International Relations at Keele

International Relations is not merely the study of current affairs or foreign places: it is a distinctive way of looking at the world that will enable you to understand complex, global political events. The study of International Relations covers key issues of conflict, human rights, environmental change and globalisation, and provides a solid understanding of international organisations such as the UN and European Union. It also develops a range of analytical skills to help you interpret and explain the processes at work in unfolding current events. In a world of complex interdependence, such skills are of increasing relevance to many areas of business, industry and government.

Keele has long been known as a pioneering centre of International Relations scholarship. It was one of the first universities in the UK to offer a degree in the subject in the 1970s, and the founding professor, Alan James, who led Keele’s International Relations Department between 1974 and 1991, was one of the first chairs of the British International Studies Association.

Today, SPIRE contains one of the principal concentrations of International Relations specialists in the UK, and our current staff have internationally recognised teaching and research expertise in the areas of security studies, international history, international political economy and development, and political and IR theory.

SPIRE International Relations offers students a flexible and dynamic curriculum informed by cutting-edge research, a friendly, open-minded and multidisciplinary atmosphere, and the chance to test out the skills and knowledge you will develop throughout your degree in the Keele Model United Nations, a forum for simulating multilateral debates in which Keele students have participated at both domestic and international events.