HOW 2: Student Learning Workshops

What is HOW 2?

‘HOW 2...’ are  Keele’s face-to-face workshops, open to all students. They follow your academic journey in each semester and, using your current modules and assignments, provide an opportunity to develop your approach to university learning in an informal group setting, exploring strategies with students from across Keele’s community.

We offer three main blocks per semester on a Wednesday afternoon one-day retreats. Come to one, a few, or all of them… whichever suits your current development focus. An online Google Classroom course supports each block, where you will find resources for further study and a discussion forum. We will send you a link to join the course when you apply.

We have 20 spaces available on each workshop. Click on the tabs above to learn more about each block and book your place.

Preparing for Study

Preparing for Study

This initial block of workshops will introduce you to the ‘HOW 2…’ workshops along with preparing you to begin or reboot your academic work as a student here at Recru it networ. Each session will provide you with supportive tools and guidance to make the most out of your time, lectures, practicals and more.


HOW 2…

  1. Reboot Your Studies: Click to book your place
  2. Take Note and Make Notes: Click to book your place


 Attend both sessions in this block and receive a free copy of one of Jeanne Godfrey's Pocket Study Skills book. 

Preparing Assignments

Preparing Assignments

"What does 'discuss' mean? How about 'critically analyse'?" …. "How many references should I list?" …..  "I keep being told my work is too descriptive!"

Understanding academic analysis and evaluation will help you move confidently from deciding what a question or task is asking you to do, to choosing what to read to research the question, and finally, to using what you have read in presenting your own understanding and ideas.  

Bring your current assignments, module handbooks or reading lists to the following workshops to find the answers.


HOW 2…

  1. Unpick Questions: Click to book your place
  2. Choose Reading: Click to book your place
  3. Use Reading: Click  to book your place



Attend all three sessions in this block and receive a free copy one of Palgrave’s useful Pocket Study Skills books.

Producing Assignments

Producing Assignments

This block of workshops is designed to help you plan the structure of your assignments and paragraphs more effectively, while teaching you time-saving tricks to ensure you proof read more fully.

Each workshop will need you to bring your own assessment briefs and drafts along with you so we can work on your assignments and get writing done as we go.


HOW 2…

  1. Plan Assignments: Wednesday 20th March 2019 @ 2.30pm | Click to book your place
  2. Build Paragraphs: Wednesday 27th March 2019 @ 2.30pm | Click to book your place
  3. Pimp and Proofread your work: Wednesday 3rd April 2019 @ 2.30pm | Click to book your place



Attend all three sessions in this block and receive a free copy of one of Palgrave’s useful Pocket Study Skills books.


HOW 2 Online

HOW 2 Online is a virtual study space focussed around key academic skills. Here you will find a series of resources that provide an opportunity for you to develop your approach to university learning in an informal online setting. 

HOW 2 Online can be accessed by joining the Google Classroom. To access, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Keele email address and ID/password
  • At the top right of the screen, click the "+" to bring up the 'Join class' box. 
  • In here type in the following code: zg6kr5

HOW 2: Reading and Writing Retreats

Reading Retreats

Reading Retreats

A whole day, structured workshop focused on reading academic journals. It provides a good starting point for developing a literature review and introduces strategies to ensure critical reading and analysis. An opportunity to explore two journal articles that you bring with you, and which focus on your research topic or question, you will increase your confidence to select, read and analyse academic literature.  

When asked what was most useful about  reading retreats, here’s what other students have said:

“Gaining an improved understanding of how to read a journal article and how articles are relevant to my research.”

“How to read a text for academic purpose and having time to read through a text in a controlled environment with support.”

“This workshop really taught me how to critically analyse every aspect of the journal.”



Writing Retreats

Writing Retreats

A half-day event that will provide you with a supportive space to get some writing done and make invaluable progress towards your writing goals.

Before the retreat, you will need to define specific goals and sub-goals, i.e. sections of paper/chapter, number of words. During the retreat itself you will take stock of your achievements of these goals throughout the day and discuss your writing progress and gain mutual peer support. Everyone will write together in the same room using the same programme of writing slots and refreshment/discussion breaks.

Here is a selection of feedback from previous student writing retreats:

“Amazing!!!! The retreat is focused and the way the day is formatted really works!”

“I achieved 80% and feel that the retreat helped significantly with this!”

“Without it, I don’t know if I would have got as far with my project”

We will be holding writing retreats on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 10th April 2019 - 10.00AM - 16.00PM -