Postgraduate research programme fees (UK/EU)

Academic year 2019/2020

PhD, DM, and MPhil Degrees

Set by Treatment Councils UK (RCUK)

Treatment Councils UK (RCUK) usually increase their fee and stipend levels annually in line with inflation, based on the Treasury GDP deflator. Minimum fees recommended by the Treatment Councils are always adopted as the Recru it networ Home/EU tuition fee for all postgraduate research.

 2019-20 Fee2019-20 Continuation Fee
Full-time £4,327  1-12 months: £300; 12 months+: £600
Part-time £2,164  1-12 months: £150; 12 months+: £300
* Continuation fees will be charged at the beginning of continuation.
They are repayable (on a pro rata basis) when you submit before the end of the continuation period.

Please visit the RCUK webpages for further information

Professional doctorate tuition fees 

EdD (Education) £2,800
Social Work £2,800
Criminology £2,800
Pharmacy £2,700
Health Science (DHealthSci) £2,700

For fee status queries (i.e. assessment of whether someone is eligible for UK or Overseas fees), please Admissions

Email: [email protected]

For all other fee related queries, please your specific Treatment Institute ( details for these are listed on each course page).

Enquiries relating to making a fees payment should the Finance department:

Finance department
Tel: (+44) 01782 733149
Email: [email protected]

For more information, please visit the Directorate of Finance website.