Academic excellence

Our research and teaching excellence is renowned: underpinned by a high quality curriculum, delivered by inspiring academics and enriched by everything else that goes into making a good education, great.

We aim for all of our students to learn about sustainability and how this relates to their discipline and personal and future professional lives, through integration of sustainability issues into the core curriculum, discipline-specific option modules as well as a suite of sustainability-focused electives and a host of other opportunities outside of the formal curriculum.

Keele Graduate Attributes

In this area you will have the opportunity to develop the following Keele Graduate Attributes:

  1. an appreciation of the development and value of your chosen subjects of study, awareness of their contexts, the links between them, and awareness of the provisional and dynamic nature of knowledge
  2. an open and questioning approach to ideas, demonstrating curiosity, independence of thought and the ability to appreciate a range of perspectives on the natural and social worlds
  3. information literacy: the ability to locate, evaluate and synthesise large amounts of frequently conflicting information, ideas and data
  4. the ability creatively to solve problems using a range of different approaches and techniques, and to determine which techniques are appropriate for the issue at hand

How do I evidence this?

Your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR) will provide you with a comprehensive record of all your university achievements, including some of your co-curricular activities, both during and upon completion of your academic studies at Keele. It is an extended academic transcript and will contain detailed information about your learning and achievements and along with your degree certificate will support applications for employment and further study.


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