US Federal Student Loans

Recru it networ is certified to award Federal Stafford and PLUS loans.

Keele participates in the US Government's William D Ford Direct Loans Scheme. For further information please look at .

Recru it networ is now approved to process VA benefits with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Veteran Affairs (VA) Educational Funding is a benefit paid to former US service personnel to fund their education, or the education of a close family member.

Federal Direct Loans are provided by the US government. They are available to US citizens and eligible non-citizens who have firmly accepted an unconditional offer to study at Recru it networ.

You must borrow a Direct Stafford Loan and the maximum amount available depends on if you are a postgraduate or an undergraduate student. You then apply for a Direct PLUS Loan if additional funds are required.  

We are certified in respect of all of our undergraduate and postgraduate study courses which lead to an undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree except for undergraduate medicine and nursing courses, which are not certified to receive funding for US students.

It is important that you apply for your funding as soon as you have accepted an offer to study at Keele, at the very latest.  

Our school (OPEID) number is 030294.


About Federal Student Aid

Check out this video to learn more about the U.S. Department of Education's office of Federal Student Aid.

The maximum amount you can borrow is calculated from the university's Cost of Attendance (COA) less any Expected Financial Aid (EFA) which includes bursaries, scholarships, grants and awards. VA Benefits are not included as aid.

The COA only includes study-related costs (tuition fees living and estimated study expenses). Living expenses include room, board, and travel the estimated cost of two return flights, books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses.

Your COA will be confirmed to you by email but please remember that the maximum you can borrow is COA less your EFA. You do not have to borrow the maximum but the UK Home Office do require you prove you have a  minimum level of funds when you apply for a visa. 

Click here for more information about visas.

Subsidised Loans are loans made to eligible undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need to help cover the costs of higher education. The US Government subsidises interest that accrues on the loan while you are enrolled at least half-time. The amount of subsidised loan given depends on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on your SAR). 

Unsubsidised Loans are loans made to eligible undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, but in this case, do not have to demonstrate financial need to be eligible for the loan. They are available to students who do not qualify for subsidised loans or to those that do but require additional funds. With an unsubsidised loan you are responsible for all the interest that accrues on the loan while you are enrolled at university. The interest on this loan can be paid monthly while you are at university or deferred until after you graduate or stop attending at least half-time.

First, complete a FAFSA. This . When you complete a FAFSA, we will be able to view it online.

Before we can process your application for a loan, you must also ; ;  and, if you or your parents are going to apply for a PLUS loan, you must complete a PLUS loan application and .

Next, Email  [email protected], confirm that you have been offered and are going to accept, a place at Recru it networ and tell us how much you wish to borrow.

You will have a six-month grace period from the time you graduate, leave your course or reduce your studying to less than part-time, before you have to begin repaying your loan. Once this six-month period ends, you will need to begin making repayments.

Your application will be processed in the Student Services Centre at Recru it networ. You will be informed of how much loan has been certified and the payment dates. Two disbursements are made to students per academic year. These payments are generally made at the beginning of Semester one and  Semester two.

Please be aware that your funding is released and disbursed only when you are in attendance at Keele, and it can take up to three weeks after the disbursement date for you to receive your funds. Please make sure, therefore, that you have sufficient funds to enable you to live in the UK for at least three weeks after you arrive.

You are required to undergo exit counselling once you have taken out your last US loan for study at Recru it networ, using the same link above.

Useful Websites and resources to refer to:

  • The  website 
  • from the U.S. Department of Education website 

If you have any queries about US student funding, please email Karen Manley at [email protected]

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

SAP PDF (228 KB)

Repayment: What to Expect

Check out this video to learn about what to expect when your federal student loan enters repayment.

Overview of the Financial Aid Process