Postgraduate accommodation

As a postgraduate student, we appreciate that your needs can be different from to undergraduate students. We are here to support you and provide advice about your accommodation needs whether you live on or off campus.

Via our guidebooks and these webpages, you should find all of the information you need.  If you prefer, you can the Student Accommodation Office, your Accommodation Services Manager or Residence support.

Priority is given to students requiring accommodation for 51 weeks but in some cases accommodation may be offered for first or second semester only (depending on demand/availability).   Accommodation on lesser occupancy periods may be available, depending on availability but would predominately be in undergraduate blocks​. Students requiring an alternative occupancy period should discuss this with the Student Accommodation Office​, but should note that we are unable to guarantee accommodation for them.​

We have our own set of priorities for campus accommodation when assigning accommodation. Please familiarise yourself with these priorities so that you can identify whether you qualify for on-campus accommodation.

You can also find full details of the information on our accomodation fees and room types.

The University provides accommodation for full time postgraduate students who enrol in September. If you are a part-time student or arrive at a different time of year, you may need to live off campus. We can help you with this. Further information on properties in the local area can be found at , where you can find other postgraduate students to live with using the . More information can be found on our off campus pages. We also have a useful guide on what to look for when viewing properties: House Hunting Guide.

For continuing postgraduate students t​here is a week​ between​ when your current accommodation​ ends​ and your new accommodation ​begins​. ​We can provide accommodation for you during this period - please be aware that this may be in your current room or your new one, depending on availability. There is a charge for the additional week's accommodation and this will  be added to your accommodation fees.  ​

Postgraduate Students with Families

Keele only has single study bedrooms so if you are bringing your family or arrive at a different time of year please the Student Accommodation Office as soon as possible to discuss the options available for you. Further information and advice can also be found here.

We may be able to find short term accommodation for when you arrive and can help you to find somewhere to live in the local area.

We look forward to welcoming you to Keele.

January Arrivals

If you are planning to commence postgraduate studies in January availability of accommodation may be limited. Please the Student Accommodation Office as soon as possible regarding this.