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Turnitin and GradeMark

Turnitin is commonly used to support the electronic management of assessment at Keele and is accessed via the Keele Learning Environment (KLE). It is recommended that all assignments at Keele are submitted via Turnitin unless there is pedagogic reason for not doing so. University policy governing the use of Turnitin can be found here.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a text matching service that uses a database of material to produce an Originality Report, providing the marker with a % match. It does not detect plagiarism in itself and should always be interpreted before making an assumption of academic misconduct. To help students understand how Turnitin works, it is advised they are given the opportunity to engage with an Originality Report during their first semester.

Using the Turnitin Originality Report as an aid, it is the role of the marker(s) to use their academic judgement when assessing each assignment to determine whether plagiarism has occurred. Each school’s Academic Conduct Officer should be ed with any suspected cases of misconduct. Further guidance in relation to University examinations and assessments can be found here.

Feedback Studio is part of Turnitin and is used to provide electronic feedback to students.

How should I use these materials?

These materials are intended to provide Keele staff and students with advice for some of the main processes you might encounter whilst using Turnitin and Feedback Studio. If there are elements that aren't covered or you would like further assistance, please use the details at the bottom of this page or speak to your local learning technology support person.

If you are a student and your enquiry relates to a particular assessment or submission, it is advised that you your tutor or School Office in the first instance.   

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The Learning and Professional Development Centre (LPDC) offer a range of workshops and short courses to support staff using learning technologies at Keele.

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Learning Technology Support

For advice and support on using technology as part of your teaching practice, please use the details below to your local learning technology support person.


Matt Street Profile Image Matthew Street
Learning Technology Officer, LPDC 
[email protected], Room 16 60 The Covert, 34477


Cat Hallam Profile Image Cat Hallam
Faculty Learning Technology Officer
[email protected], CBA1.055, 33120


Dan Harding Profile Image Dan Harding
Faculty Learning Technology Officer
[email protected], CBA1.053, 34631


Andrew Gater Profile Image Andrew Gater
Learning Technologist, Language Centre
[email protected], CBB0.043, 33887

Natural Sciences

Daryl Kerr Profile Image Daryl Kerr
Faculty Learning Technology Officer
[email protected], SLC0.09, 34445

Medicine and Health Sciences

Lonsdale_Pete 90x90 Pete Lonsdale
Learning Technology Officer, School of Nursing and Midwifery
[email protected], CEC.SF38, +44 (0)1782 679689


Tim Smale Profile Image Tim Smale
eLearning Fellow
[email protected], Mac1.29/CEC.SF38, 34561 / +44 (0)1782 679561


Tim Smale Profile Image Pharmacy IT Team
[email protected], JA1.02, 33355 / +44 (0)1782 733355