Make the Most of Your Halls Experience

Love your halls? Then get involved in Halls Life!

Over the year, there’ll be loads of events for you to take part in, from five a side tournaments to the legendary campus quizzes. Each competitive event gives you the chance to score Halls Life Points. If your halls has the most at the end, you can win an amazing ball for your halls of residence. Simple!

Not competitive? Don’t worry, there’s plenty for you to still take part in, such as volunteering, charity fundraisers, and sustainability projects.

Want to help make your halls the best on campus? We are also looking for Halls Reps for each Hall on Campus.
So, if you want to get involved in running amazing events, represent your halls, and have fun, then make sure you apply via our 'Become a Rep' page. 

Keep up to date on our and pages for the latest info!

If you have any suggestions for future events in your hall click below: